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Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Travel Journal of Short Tales is a light-hearted roleplaying game. It follows small fantasy characters engaging in short, comfy, low-stakes adventures, in which talking things out and going back home by dinner time is a common occurence.

Instead of using dice (like most other roleplaying games) this game is played with a deck of UNO Cards for when luck needs to spice up the story. Characters are created through a very straightforward process of picking options in a few lists. A Kinship, two Jobs, and three Items are all you need.

What are these files?

The files contain the v1.2 rules booklet from november 2020, as well as a handy character sheet that comes in color and grayscale variants, and a printable deck of cards that you can send to a local printer or print-on-demand service of choice. The PDF for the cards will soon be available for Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG, too, if you don't have local options.

There's also a Halloween mini-expansion, but it corresponds to an earlier version of the game and will be updated later on in the future.

Last but not least, click here to read a review by Sami Yuhas at The Gaming Gang, for the original version of the game. A kind anon from /tg/ also ported it over to tabletop simulator, if you use that to play!

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Character Sheet (Color and Grayscale).pdf 112 kB
(Halloween Mini-Expansion) Ghastly Pamphlet of Spooky Tales.pdf 4 MB
Custom UNO Deck - Printable Cards.pdf 795 kB
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This is adorable! I love how tiredness and damage fit into the resolution system. I wish there was another page of session ideas - what sorts of adventures could you have in this little game?