Took me a while to get this one out of the gate, and I figured it would take even longer to push if I kept it in the back. This updates improves the overall readability of the PDF by introducing a subtle but important overhaul to the book's format, with wider margins and a more consistent spacing both in lines and paragraphs. I introduced some quality of life improvements to the wording and inner workings of the game, going a step forwards with the magical traditions by adding relevant tables to some of them. 

Most importantly, I added almost the entire planned content for the Tech section, which means that the game is now just a little bit closer to reflecting all the most basic aspects of the starting idea. The Concepts section gives you a bit of insight as to what to expect within the world, while the Artifacts, Equipment and Vehicles sections provide you with a more in-depth look at tools, interfaces, augments, replacements, and types of vehicles that you may encounter. It's still a long ways from the Tech section being wholly operational, but it's a huge step forwards in the development of the overall game.


  • Added the entirety of Part VI: Tech. 
  • Minor rewording throughout the book. 
  • Added Material Gathering table to Elementalism and Mysticism. 
  • Added Spirit Strength and Spirit Disposition tables to Theurgy. 
  • Overhauled the format to allow for more horizontal space and improve readability. 
  • Expanded the Starting Equipment section in order to better reflect the introductory inventory of characters, as well as some things that had been taken out from the past chargen notes. 
  • Reestablished Armor names in order to better reflect the nature of their use (Light Armor became Medium Armor, Clothing became Light Armor). 
  • Touched up Weapon Properties to make better overall weapons.


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Nov 04, 2018

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