v0.081 (Alpha)


I'm starting to get closer and closer to a playtest! While making pregen characters and setting up playtesting scenarios using v0.08 I managed to find a handful of small issues and things that felt could be better. I also added a set of fairly basic Hexcrawl rules to get the basic structure of exploration out, and I intend to continue updating on that as I playtest. Things are coming up great so far!


New Additions

  • Added Part VII: Adventuring. 
  • Added Hexcrawl and Overland Travel under Part VII. 
  • Added the Gear category to Equipment and Items. 
  • Added Moment of Clarity to the Character Advancement section. 


  • Updated Weapon Properties: Light, Near, Far, Annex, Proxy, Auto and Precise.
  • Changed Arcanist starting equipment. 
  • Polished the Starting Equipment section.
  • Rewrote a part of the Goblin ancestry because it was very old text. 
  • Rewrote the Training paragraph and added Field Training.
  • Renamed and relocated Learning Magic into Magic Paths under Magical Traditions to better illustrate the nature of Paths. 
  • Added a bit on Called Shots to the head.
  • Changed the Shields paragraph and removed them from the Armor list. 

Fixes and Touchups

  • Fixed some wrong terms under the Magic section. 
  • Changed the wording under Improvement Points to better reflect their nature.
  • Fixed up some wording under Character Creation and Aspects and Attributes. 
  • Clarified some events under Fatigue Die. 


  • Added page numbers to document footer.
  • Rearranged the Skills list. 


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Nov 30, 2018

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