v0.082 (Alpha)

Hey there! I was working on this update like a month ago and for some reason (that i'm sure made sense in the past) I decided not to release it. Maybe I was unhappy with something I had done, or maybe I thought something needed more work. As of right now I have no idea what that was, so let's release it!

All in all, this update covers a few things that needed some polishing up and updating, and new content additions are actually very minor. Still, I felt like these things needed addressing before I could move on to the next build.



  • Greatly updated the Skills list to reflect the current state of the game. 
    • There are currently 97 individual skills in the game, 111 if you consider the categories themselves work similar to skills. Might've gone overboard just a bit.
  • Modified the Scatter weapon property.
    • Now Scatter weapons can be Heavy. I have no idea why that wasn't a thing from the get-go.


  • Rewrote the Character Creation rules for Magic Paths.
    • The way it works now is more in line with the way learning magic paths works through character advancement. Now you can learn more paths of the same tradition at a lower cost.
  • Rearranged the Effect & Cost blocks in all Paths.
    • It was kind of a messy format, so I made it slightly better by rearranging the elements and saving some space.
  • Updated Arcanist Paths and Costs. 
    • Having a catalyst now affects the amount of Stress it costs to cast spells.
  • Updated Mysticism Paths and rules. 
    • Mystic Paths now have actual purposes and a slightly different division that reflects their nature better. 
    • Mysticism now works in a smoother way, being able to bind spells to catalysts for a period of time dependant on the ritual performed.
  • Updated Theurgy Paths.
    • Theurgy is kind of a mess right now, and an update to its Paths was one of the first things that needed addressing.
  • Modified Spirit Strength and Disposition tables for Theurgy. 
    • Spirits now perform a combination of Favors tied to their strength in a more appropriate way.
  • Added Magic Path Description tables. 
    • A temporary solution to a long-term problem. Magic Paths now have descriptive tables just below the Magic section, so you know exactly what they are about.


  • Added Augment Slots and Dissonance & Reattunement under the Equipment section of Tech. 
    • This was already an idea beforehand, but it wasn't quite working as intended. It was vague and awkward. Now that I've established exactly how Slots work, I hope it makes more sense.
  • Polished up the ADP Suits & Helmets section. 
    • Just a general cleanup of the section's text blocks, and some very minor changes to rules and costs.
  • Re-added the Exo-Suit Customization section. 
    • This was basically already done when I first added Exo-Suits, but it needed a bit more effort to polish up and work as intended. With Augment Slots being established, the next thing to do was to use that same subsystem for the Exo-Suits, as I originally intended.


  • Renamed Part VII from Adventuring to Journey
    • I feel like this new name is more fitting to the contents of this section. It's about travel and exploration, but "Adventuring" is something the whole game encompasses, and you don't need to cover vast stretches of land to have one hell of an adventure.
  • Added Exploration and Camping to Part VII: Journey.
    • Another two sections that were added beforehand but weren't done yet. Exploration covers a bit on what happens when you want to explore a hex and how to gather resources while you're at it. Camping gives a broad vision on what I want when setting down for the night in the wilderness.


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Jan 04, 2019

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