Alpha v0.085 - New Belongings and Healing

I don't have much to say about this one. I kind of consider this to be the Part 2 to the changes introduced in the last build, that I eventually had to leave aside to advance because it had become too large. Some big changes to items and prices have been introduced to have a cleaner and more flexible trade experience throughout the game, as well as general thematic harmony. A long time coming as well, there's actual rest and healing rules this time!

I started working on Adversaries again as well, but I feel like it needs some further conceptual polish before I start actually working on them. 

All in all, it feels like a really fresh update. There aren't actually a lot of changes being made, but the changes introduced are actually quite significant to the game and its direction.

Hotfix: I made some major typos here and there that I forgot to fix until now. Whoops! It's fixed now.



  • Revised Attribute names and descriptions. 
I felt like Attributes could use some love to have a little more oomph in their names, and better reflect their utility. The new names are a bit more intuitive and I've also rewritten some of the descriptions to better represent their uses.
  • Further polishing of Ancestry traits.
Just a bit of polish on the Ancestry descriptions, as well as giving everyone a tidy list of alternative names.

Belongings and Tech

  • Reworked equipment categories and prices, and revised the Starting Equipment section.
This one's big. The equipment categories have been reworked from the ground up to better reflect what I actually care about when it comes to inventory and budget. The new categorier reflect better the intention and scale of the game by allowing more mundane items to be purely a matter of flavor and background noise, and only manage prices when it actually matters. Vehicles are also better represented as well, since their prices were extremely vague beforehand.
  • Added Purchasing Gear and Equipment to Belongings, and Trading, Rarity and Condition under it. 
I basically wanted to showcase the nooks and crannies of how buying and trading stuff works with as minimal rules as possible. This section does a pretty good job at it, I think, and adding the axes of Rarity and Condition open the gates to an entire flood of possibilities for the future.
  • Tweaked Ammo consumption rates for conserving ammo and using Blitz. 
The numbers on the new ammo rule were a bit too harsh. This change does two things: it raises the amount of safe shots while conserving ammo from 3 to 5, and it makes Blitz use double ammo with each attack instead of losing you an entire ammo tier, meaning that it's harder to conserve Ammo if you want to use it more than once or twice, but it doesn't punish you nearly as hard for it.
  • Reworked Exo-Suits, and removed Exo-Suit Customization.
Exo-Suits have been in an awkward spot since the beginning. Thematic dissonance was quite strong when everything else about tech in the game is meant to signify something and have a meaning beyond what's directly in the game. Exo-Suits' purpose was WOAH, COOL ROBOT! and I was very, very close to straight up removing them during this update. Luckily I got some fresh ideas about them, and decided to rework them a bit. Their theme and rules had to go because it served no particular purpose other than creating a customizable tank that gave you superpowers at a very effective cost. With the current setup, players still have the possibility of having more utilitarian Exos (Earth Giants) at their disposal, but their more terrifying warfare-oriented counterparts (Storm Titans) are more expensive and rare. Exo-Suit Customization had to go to introduce this divide and keep things cleaner, specially because it had special rules that no other Vehicle had, when Vehicles are supposed to be a background tool instead of a hands-on focus.

Rest and Recovery

  • Added Rest and Recovery rules to Journey, and rewrote the Camping section. 
  • Added Healing Supplies as a Resource.
  • Revised Damage names and the First Aid section under Damage. 
An all around rework to how Healing worked, taking in account actual times. I sneakily removed the rules from the past build, and rewrote them from the ground up with this one. Recovery uses a new finite resource that makes medicine-oriented characters a bit more useful, but offers you the chance to tough it out and carry on instead. To accomodate these changes, the Healing paragraph under Combat has been updated as well. As for the names, well, I just wanted to make them feel a bit better, nothing to add there.

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