Dev's Thoughts - Part IV

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I guess I should take the time to make a little update on the general state of affairs regarding the next update, and what's going on behind the curtains with the project. Lately I've been focusing on my personal life, and most importantly, my education! Which means I haven't had much time to actively work on the game, as most of my workable hours have been used towards my thesis. I still try to work on the next update whenever I can, but I don't think I have to point out that it has been a pretty long and arduous process, seeing as it has taken a bit over 2 months since the last update.

So what can you expect from the next update? Following the same fashion as past long updates, the next version will jump straight to v0.09 instead of v0.087. Why? Because the changes are pretty substantial, and there's a whole lot of them. I can't go into too many details about them because they're largely subject to change, but here are some things I've done for the update or I'm working on right now:

  • Damage formula (and potentially, base core mechanic) has been changed to be hits-based instead of additive. It works largely the same, but it's much faster and easier to go through now.
  • Skills have a new dynamic and categorization to accomodate a different style of character creation. Likewise with Damage, this is largely the same as before but streamlined.
  • I've started working on the first part of the new Witchcraft chapter. There's a few new resources and concepts to sorcerers that were vaguely defined before, but more consolidated and tangible now.
  • The first drafts of the new Journey rules have started taking shape. If you've played Kingdom Death Monster in the past, it's somewhat similar to the way the Hunt phase is handled. The concepts I had beforehand were largely like this already, but playing KDM solidified my vision of what Journey was gonna be like.

There's also a few non-essential extras here and there, such as alternate ways of measuring distances and space during skirmishes (zones and grids), some character archetypes to use as a general inspiration or reference, and some general streamlining throughout the book.

Anyways, thought to give a general update before continuing with my work. I don't want to give a tentative date because I have no idea how much longer this update will take, and I've yet to decide whether I'll try to finish the whole thing before closing off or dividing it into two large-ish updates like I did before.

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