Alpha v0.089 - Cleanup & Injuries


I've been working on the new journey rules for a long-ass time and it finally feels like it's all coming together. I was gonna delay this update until the full travel and exploration rules were done, but I hadn't realized just how much work would go into them. I've finally come into a general level of okay-ness with how these rules are coming together, but they need more time than I thought. As such, simply to avoid another three months of no updates, I've decided to split this big update into two parts.

This first part will only feature some cleanups and changes here and there, and the addition of the first part of the new Chapter VII, Journeys & Wanderings. Note that this time around I have not included any drafts of the future rules, but rather, I left in the legacy hexcrawl rules for the time being.

The calm before the storm, so to speak.


  • Added the first part of the new Chapter VII: Journeys & Wanderings. 

A little taste of what's to come in terms of narrative. The chapter's new intro delves a bit into the way civilization is divided, and why Vagrants are a thing in the first place. Also sheds some light into settlements that may be around, and their nature. Afterwards this section is divided into the legacy hexcrawl rules before returning to Rest & Recovery. Inelegant, but it'll work until the next update hits.

  • Polished Narrative Tools to clarify some things. 
  • Revised Success Test Difficulty.
  • Added Hits to Narrative Tools, and applied their use throughout the book. 
  • Renamed Intellect to Wisdom and updated the descriptions under each Attribute. 

I felt like the basic tools for the game needed a bit of polish once again. I've been playing around with Hits for a while, but I realized I could use them for other stuff as well, so they're an official rule used for things like Material gathering instead of only a subset for Damage. Success Tests are slightly more polished so that they reflect different difficulty levels more tangibly.

Intellect to Wisdom was a decison based on Intellect no longer representing what the Attribute was supposed to represent originally, with its functionality being better represented by the learning and use of Skills over an innate attribute that anyone could have from the get-go. I also took this as an opportunity to update the descriptions under each Attribute to better reflect their uses.

  • Added Injury Locations, and changed the rules surrounding Minor Injuries.
  • Renamed “The Death Spiral” to “Death and Exhaustion” 
  • Renamed Injured to Impaired.

Injury Locations are new guidelines to handle Injuries and what they affect, full with a random location chart that you can easily memorize, and what each body part includes. Also updated the Minor Injury rules so that they don't immediately kill your combat capabilities.

The name change for the section and the Injured status is because I'm going to reuse this same spiral for exhaustion-related events through the new journey rules, and because "Injured" would be more confusing than it already was.

  • Added Credits, Special Thanks and Table of Contents.
  • Updated the character sheet to accomodate injuries, armor, ammo, training, and a little visual update to various sections. 

Gave the first page a bit of use by adding a small table of contents, credits, thanks, and a disclaimer.

Character sheet needed a face lift after a while. The changes are nothing major, just some style changes and rearrangements here and there, but I finally replaced the Notes section with more important blocks of information, adding the Injury section (full with Fading countdown and Injury Location chart), and the Advancement section, so you can write down training and IP available/spent.

  • Added a clarification to Gear.
  • Tweaked Starting Equipment.

"Gear is used mainly for narrative flavor, but each piece of Gear you want needs to be written down and obtained organically - they are tangible objects, after all."

I just wanted to clarify that Gear is supposed to be cheap narrative flavor items, but that you don't have 300 quantum spoons in your pocket unless you write them down. Also Starting Equipment needed a little cleanup.

  • Tweaked Field Practice rules.

Field Practice can now be used after 5 steps made, not since the very start.

  • Tweaked Mystic Paths.

Simple clarification of Path names and usability.

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