Alpha v0.091 - Clans & Companies


New Content

  • Added three new sections: Companies & Clans, Tome of Beasts, and Play Aids. 

Companies & Clans sets a more in-depth set of small rules for creating developed Groups, establishing relationships, determining influence, gaining followers and gaining a shared pool of group IP.

Tome of Beasts is a separate version of the Example Adversaries section originally found in Arbiter's Workshop. That way I can expand upon it later down the line with only information and statblocks as much as I want to, whilst the Arbiter chapter is left specifically for GMing advice and how to create adversaries.

Play Aids explains a bit on how character sheets and the new Play Aids introduced (Lunar Calendar, Overland Hex Map and Adversary Sheet) are used, and includes all of them in the PDF. This also means that uploads from now on are just gonna be the PDF, not the .zip containing separate files.

  • Added “Places and Events” to Journeys & Wanderings.

Small insight into things that happen at a smaller scale than regions and that may happen during a Journey.

  • Added “Building a World”, “The Supporting Cast” and “Art of the Skirmish” to Arbiter’s Workshop. 

Short commentary sections aimed at worldbuilding/homebrew, NPCs and creating interesting skirmishes.

Quality-of-Life Changes & Minor Additions

  • Reworded a few terms throughout the book.

I'll be honest, I don't remember which terms I changed outside of some actions. Whoops.

  • Updated Nature and Special Abilities.

Nature has been expanded with a handful of broad templates applied at a base level: Fearful, Peaceful, Territorial, Predatory, and Violent. This establishes some basic shared rules to avoid repeating similar behaviors across different Adversaries.

  • Tweaked some Action Types and added the Guard action.

Advance is now called Strike, and React is now called Hold. Hold is now better explained: You spend the AP during your turn and wait for the opportunity to use them, activating them through a Reaction.

The new Guard action is something I had in mind for a while: a 2 AP Action that allows you to improve your defenses. Instead of granting Advantage or affecting your Bonuses,  Guarding allows you to use your Exertion Die with reduced self-damage, kind of like the Heavy Trait for weapons.

  • Added the Charge trait. 

Charge is pretty straightforward. It's a Melee-only Trait that gives you Advantage if you run towards the target before attacking. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Tweaked Vehicle prices and included Properties.

Added a middle ground and an explanation as to why Vehicles are priced that way. Personal vehicles remain the same, while some group vehicles are cheaper and others more expensive. Additionally, I decided to add dwellings and Properties with the same general guidelines. This is mostly to have as a reference for further Companies & Clans development, but I decided to add it early because I'm not realy losing anything by doing it.


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Sep 08, 2019

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