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TRAIL OF THE VAGRANT STAR is a sci-fantasy roleplaying game where you take the role of a roving band of Vagrants as they venture through strange, uncharted landscapes. A mysterious information cache with thousands of years of high tech has been bestowed to your iron-age style nomadic civlization, allowing you to brave the wilderness in ways that were once thought impossible, using advanced vehicles and artifacts alongside ancient disciplines and sorceries.

Travel alongside wanderers from all corners of the world, encounter wild monsters, fight rogue machinery, make bargains with spirits, lose your arm and get a new one!

The Alpha Version includes:

  • A simple but flexible Character Creation structure that allows you to reflect your origins through your skills and disciplines, tangibly shaping your chances through freeform elements and freedom of choice.
  • An extensive Journey system that provides a solid structure for sandbox-style campaigns. Travel across vast regions with their own unique aspects, survive the elements, and watch as the seasons advance over the course of the campaign.
  • Freeform equipment and a tag-based weapon creation system.  Create your own unique weapons and make use of streamlined tools & defenses, and use them like an extension of your character.
  • Fast and brutal Skirmish rules that put your quick thinking and teamwork to the test. A mixture of cinematic and tactical tools at your disposal without getting in the way of narrative, while providing you a real sense of danger.
  • Magic rules inspired by pagan folklore that leave the true versatility of magic in the hands of the Sorcerers that wield it, making use of evocative materials, rituals, and deals with wandering spirits to work with a unique brand of folk magic.
  • Monster Creation rules to forge your own threats to populate the world around you. Fight your way through beasts, monsters, machines and apparitions tailored by the GM's creativity, and live to fight another day!
  • Screen-oriented "Night Palette" and print-friendly "Day Palette" PDF versions of the alpha rulebook, plus four Play Aids providing support for various aspects of play: a character sheet, a timekeeping sheet, a blank hex map, and a pocket tracking sheet for Journeys!

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